Maximum end-users. Minimal overhead.
Endless connectivity.

A network designed to enable the simultaneous
communication of up to a thousand end-users, utilizing a
singular satellite channel, ensuring connectivity when you
need it most.

Flexible channel allocation

IoT channels for predefined Low-Data-Rate of ongoing TT&C messages between end-user and back-office servers.
Dedicated channels for real-time connectivity needed for emergency, command and control.

Lower price for the same data

Lower price
for the same data

Addressing a core financial burden on satellite users, hiSky designed an optimized air protocal for our Low-Data-Rate costumers, enabling maximum channel utilization.
hiSky minimized all payments for the airtime needed for hiSky’s network management, ensuring monthly data packages cover your data requirements throughout the entire month! Now isn’t that refreshing?

Hybrid connectivity

Our Hybrid Satellite-LTE/4G solution maximizes communicative efficiency and minimizes your costs, enabling cost-effective communication for those leaving and entering cellular coverage.


Uniquely, hiSky’s network is designed to meet the requirements of both GEO & LEO satellites, guaranteeing a future-proofed solution that will correlate with the market’s connectivity demands of both narrowband and broadband applications.

IP connectivity for LDR

hiSky’s network allows IP connectivity for easy integration and offers the needed tools and support to deploy cost effective systems for your Low Data Rate needs.

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