• Connecting
    Industrial IoT

    hiSky provides private satellite IoT networks for remote industries in need of connecting assets and workforce from any destination.

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  • Satcom for
    Connected Cars

    Partnering with tier-1 automobile manufacturers, hiSky is attributing knowledge and technology to in-vehicle NTN connectivity for private vehicles, planned to be in-market as of 2027-2028.

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hisky - connected cars

NTN for
Connected Cars

hisky - connected cars

NTN (Non-Terrestrial Network) connectivity, combining cellular, Wi-Fi, and broadband satellite solutions to enhance coverage and reliability for the next generation of vehicles.

From fleet management to windfarms, through fisheries to critical assets.

hiSky’s industry-changing technology, based on the transfer of Low Data Rates (LDR) over GEO satellites in Ka/Ku Bands, targets high volume networks with an ever-growing volume of data, collected from remote sensors, devices and machinery.
Designed specifically to meet your budgetary needs, our network enables the resilient connectivity your business requires, at a budget you can afford.

Same trick, different industry

With the constant aim of minimizing costs for our clients, hiSky disrupts the satellite industry by applying a scalable, asset-light business model, widely applied in parallel markets.

Allowing any satellite operator with existing Ka/Ku-band capacity the opportunity to fully utilize their satellite assets and offer their services to a strategic IoT market.

Not a VSAT.

Whether on-the-move or fixed, our Smartellite™ terminals are both easy-to-use and enviromently sturdy.
Designed with simplicity to be configured, installed and operated by your workforce.

Connect assets for growth,
Connect workforce for safety

Whatever your business, wherever your operations, hiSky connects people by offering voice & text communication over our IoT ecosystem.
Using the hiSky app, any smartphone turns into a satellite phone enabling all your connectivity needs.
And Voilà! Voice over satellite is now affordable, to everyone.

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