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hiSky Network for Oil & Gas IT Solutions

hiSky Network for Oil & Gas
IT Solutions

The Oil and Gas Technology Revolution

The global oil and gas market remains a critical pillar of the world economy, supplying essential energy resources to various industries and households. Despite the challenges of recent years, oil and gas continue to dominate the global energy landscape. Geopolitical factors, supply-demand dynamics, and technological advancements influence the industry.

Conquering Communication Challenges

Effective communication is crucial in the oil and gas industry, where real-time data is essential for safety and efficiency. hiSky’s Oil and Gas IT Solutions provide seamless integration with SCADA systems and dedicated communication channels. With our terminals certified to IP68 compatibility, our oil and gas technology solutions are designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring constant, robust communication.

  • hiSky’s private network satellite communication ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in remote locations.
  • Our private satellite internet is the right choice for customers who care that their information remains theirs.
  • |OurSLA-based contracts provide the oil and gas industry with the reliability it relies on.

Robust Oil and Gas Communications

The oil and gas sector relies heavily on robust communications to ensure smooth operations. hiSky’s network offers reliable real-time data transmission, which is critical for operational efficiency and safety. These advanced communication solutions support enhanced worker safety and regulatory compliance, which are vital in the industry. hiSky’s solutions also include VoIP services, enhancing communication within the oil and gas industry. By leveraging hiSky’s network, oil and gas companies can:

  • Streamline their operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve safety protocols.

This comprehensive approach addresses the industry’s complex communication needs, positioning hiSky as a leader in providing advanced IT solutions for oil and gas communications.

Unlocking Efficiency in the Oil and Gas Industry

Advanced IT solutions play a significant role in boosting efficiency within the oil and gas industry. Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance help reduce operational costs and minimize downtime. These technologies also contribute to enhanced worker safety and adherence to regulatory standards, unlocking new levels of efficiency. With primary demand drivers:

  • Operational efficiency and cost reduction
  • Real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance for improving productivity.
  • Investments in IoT, sensor technology, and data analytics driving growth in the sector.

Oil and Gas Technology Solutions Beyond Traditional Operations

The IoT revolutionizes the oil and gas industry with applications ranging from seismic data acquisition, drilling optimization, production monitoring, leak detection, and pipeline integrity management. Fleet and asset management are the fastest-growing IoT applications, reflecting significant advancements beyond traditional operations. hiSky’s dynamic terminals are an excellent match with fleets with the need for reliable performance under challenging conditions. By leveraging hiSky’s network, companies can achieve improved operational efficiency, safety, and seamless, comprehensive communications systems at their remote operation.

hiSky’s Solution for Oil and Gas Communications

hiSky offers tailored communication solutions specifically for the oil and gas sector. Our technology ensures high compatibility with SCADA systems and provides dedicated communication channels. This integration guarantees reliable performance even in the harshest conditions, significantly improving operational efficiency and safety.

  • hiSky’s satellite internet services, including VoIP, ensure uninterrupted connectivity.
  • The services enhance communication within the industry, streamlining operations and reducing costs.
  • By leveraging hiSky’s network, companies can effectively enhance safety protocols and address complex communication needs.


1. What are the main benefits of hiSky’s Oil and Gas IT Solutions?

hiSky’s solutions provide private networks, robust terminals, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenance, which enhance operational efficiency and safety in the oil and gas industry.

2. How does hiSky’s network integrate with existing systems?

hiSky’s network is highly compatible with SCADA systems and offers dedicated communication channels, ensuring seamless integration and reliable performance.

3. What countries produce most of the global oil production?

North America, USA and Canada together, account for more than 20% of the world’s oil production in 2023. Next is Russia with a 12% share of the market and China with 5%.

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