Mobile Satellite Services – Voice & Data

hiSky’s Smartellite™ can be used with any mobile device, anywhere and at any time, for a third of the cost of other solutions currently available on the market.

Satellite Calls for Cents

At a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions currently available on the market, the Smartellite™ terminal enables users throughout the world to communicate via calls or text messages, easily and at affordable rates, using their own mobile device.

Freedom to Communicate

The SmartelliteTM Terminal

Compact and easy to carry around, the Smartellite™ handheld terminal uses Bluetooth or WiFi to connect to the user’s smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. With no wires or adaptors required, the mobile terminal provides reliable satellite communication even on the move.

How it Works

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, the Smartellite™ is a terminal that turns your smartphone into a satellite phone. Using phased array antennas to automatically locate the satellite, the built-in modem is designed for low to medium bit data rates and fast acquisition of satellite signals.
Connecting to a satellite in the geosphere in a matter of milliseconds, users enjoy instant connectivity on their smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi.

The hiSky App

The Smartellite™ is designed to work with the intuitive hiSky app. Simply download it to your personal device and enjoy instant access to your contacts and personal data.

You Will Want a Smartellite™ With You

In rural areas

At sea

Working in remote locations

In disaster areas

For search & rescue

On an adventure

Meet the
Smartellite™ Family

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