The hiSky solution is an innovative satellite communications network that enables robust, low-cost satellite services for a large number of users throughout the globe.

The system is comprised of satellite terminals and hub base stations, a mobile application and application servers. The satellite (SAT) network is designed to provide low data rate communication services. The network operates via GEO satellites in the Ka band.

The hiSky communication network comprises two main components: a Smartellite™ user terminal, and the network operating center, which connects to the hub base station; providing users with management and control of terminals.

The Smartellite™ terminals are light, small devices which maintain a link with the hub base station and are connected to the user’s device using a local wireless connection. The link established between the Smartellite™ terminal and the hub base station, enables the sending and receiving of compressed calls, text messages and low data rate services (IoT) between the user’s device and the cloud-based hiSky servers.

Active phased
array antennas

Small sized modem with
low power consumption

tracking algorithm


hiSky system architecture

hiSky System Diagram

Meet the
Smartellite™ Family

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