hiSky 360

Network Management System

hiSky developed it’s own unique network management system (NMS) with a network operation center and a 24/7 hour help desk.
hiSky 360 is active 24/7 and has an operations portal which allows interface through which authorized subscribers or re-sellers can monitor and administer the hiSky platform and its components. It provides the capability to flexibly filter elements as well as group them by devices deployed with a specific satellite provider, device type, firmware version, etc. The operations portal provides the link between platform resources and subscribers enabling impact analysis of ongoing operations and planned maintenance.

  • Real-time information on deployed hiSky mobile terminals and hub base stations
  • Configuration of device operational parameters
  • Filter and sort between various devices by geographic region, satellite provider, device characteristics and more
  • Remote operations (such as reboot) on single or multiple devices
  • Remote reconfiguring of satellite modem parameters
  • Allows partners, VARs and satellite operators to control all active devices on their network:
    • authorized operator personnel
    • network parameters
    • satellite frequency allocation
    • transmission power
    • information retrieval via hiSky account
    • service usage information
    • service consumption records

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