The solution

hiSky’s core technology lends itself to a range of IoT and M2M applications.

hiSky has developed proprietory Smartellite terminals, including modem and phased array antennas, hub base stations implemented in saellite teleports, and its own network operations center.
hiSky is a network operator that draws capacity from an existing satellite infrustructure; enabling affordable connectivity throughout the world.

Innovative Satellite Communications


The hiSky solution is an innovative satellite communications network that enables robust, low-cost satellite services for a large number of users throughout the globe.
The system is comprised of satellite terminals and hub base stations, a mobile application and application servers…


LEO (Low earth orbit) satellites orbit between 500 to 2000KM above the earth’s surface. hiSky’s technology and the Smartellite™ Family of products allow you to transmit and receive voice and data from both GEO and LEO satellites in the Ka band.


Network Management System

hiSky’s Network Management System (NMS) comprises a network operation center and a 24/7 help desk. Active around the clock, the system includes an operations portal and an interface through which authorized subscribers or re-sellers can monitor and administer the hiSky platform and its components…

Meet the
Smartellite™ Family

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