Smartellite™ Static

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The ultimate solution for IoT / M2M requirements, the Smartellite™ Static enables constant data transmission for IoT applications in remote locations. Turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a satphone at the press of a button using hiSky’s dedicated app.
The Smartellite™ Static is portable and can be quickly (less than a minute) and easily connected to the satellite, wherever you are in the world. The Smartellite Static can also be installed in a fixed location with no need for technical knowledge or expertise; providing constant voice & data connectivity, quickly and easily.

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The Smartellite™ Static is a small, form-factor box that connects your smartphone/ POS/ IoT sensor to the satellite network.

Terminal bandKu band *Ka band
Data Rates GEO4Kbps-400Kbps4Kbps-30Kbps
Transmit Antenna
Frequency Range
Receive Antenna
Frequency Range

*Under development


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