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The ultimate solution for IoT / M2M requirements on the move. The Smartellite™ Dynamic and our dedicated free app turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a satphone at the press of a button. This provides you with constant voice & data connectivity as well as data transfer capabilities while on the move.

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The Smartellite™ Dynamic includes a built-in, electronically-steered phased array antenna, which locates the satellite automatically in a matter of milliseconds. It also has a built-in modem, designed for low-to-medium data rates and fast acquisition of satellite signals; enabling seamless transition between satellites in the GEO and LEO constellation, for constant connectivity.

Terminal bandKa band
Data Burst Rates (GEO)10Kbps–100Kbps (Typical)
Data Rates LEO0.5Mbps–4Mbps (Typical)
Transmit Antenna
Frequency Range
Receive Antenna
Frequency Range

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