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The ultimate solution for IoT / M2M requirements on the move. The Smartellite™ Dynamic Ku-band terminal complements the company’s ability to provide global coverage of its services, both onshore and offshore. Designed for use in territories where the Ku frequency offers a significant advantage, or where Ka frequencies are simply not available, it meets the growing demand across a range of industries, including fisheries, fleet management, agriculture, oil & gas and more, for low and medium data rates for IoT applications.

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The Smartellite™ Dynamic Ku-band includes a built-in, electronically-steerable antenna, which locates the satellite automatically in a matter of milliseconds. It also has a built-in modem, designed for low-to-medium data rates and fast acquisition of satellite signals; enabling a seamless transition between satellites in the GEO and LEO constellation, for constant connectivity.

Terminal bandKu-band
Data Burst Rates (GEO)10Kbps–100Kbps (Typical)
Data Rates LEO0.5Mbps–10Mbps (Typical)
Transmit Antenna
Frequency Range
Receive Antenna
Frequency Range
Size280 X 184 X 43 mm


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