The long distances between and remoteness of infrastructures such as: mines, pipelines, solar fields and wind turbines, make monitoring and control challenging. In order to properly manage these assets, constant connectivity for data gathering is crucial.

hiSky’s Smartellite™ terminals provide remote monitoring solutions for such assets in rural areas with unserved/underserved communication infrastructures. hiSky provide operating companies the ability to securely monitor remote sites seamlessly and in real-time, 24/7.



Solar fields


Wind turbines


Power lines and transformers

Main Features & Benefits

  • Remote personnel voice calls and text messages via a dedicated app (for Android & iPhone)
  • Improved mining production efficiencies
  • Accurate production quantity forecasts
  • Monitoring and updating weather conditions
  • Real-time alerts and quick, focused response
  • Fuel consumption, maintenance and location transmission for tracking light / heavy machinery
  • Monitoring and gathering of power production data

Meet the
Smartellite™ Family

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