ATM & PoS (Point of Sale) Connectivity for Developed Markets

In today’s connected world, people have come to expect connected services. Yet, the current terrestrial network covers only a small part of the globe. hiSky provides communication coverage solutions to unserved and underserved areas of the world; enabling remote banking services to populations in rural areas.

hiSky’s Smartellite™ terminals connect simply and seamlessly to any ATMs and PoS (Point of Sale) systems; providing end users with uninterrupted communication, and operating companies with monitoring and control capabilities overall end-points/ terminals. Data transferred by hiSky’s Smartellite terminals connects directly to the ATM and POS cloud, and/ or network management system.


Oil rigs

Offshore oil & gas platforms

Inland remote oil wells

Unmanned extraction sites

Main Features & Benefits

  • Reliable & secured IP connectivity
  • 24/7 connection without dependence on terrestrial infrastructure
  • Worldwide connectivity via cost-effective GEO satellite constellation
  • Minimal connection delays
  • Ruggedized static terminal
  • Small, light terminal box
  • Easy installation – mount and point
  • All inside – innovative modem, digital card and patch antennas

System Architecture

TM & PoS (Point of Sale) Connectivity for Developed Markets

Meet the
Smartellite™ Family

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