Your IoT and M2M Solution

hiSky’s core technology lends itself to a range of IoT and M2M applications.

The existing global terrestrial network currently provides coverage to a small area of the world. In answer to increasing demand for communication and IoT-data transmission from every part of the globe, hiSky provides advanced communication coverage for the remaining area.

A growing number of industries, including transportation & logistics, automobile, telecommunications, oil & gas, mining, maritime, energy & utilities, agriculture, fisheries, healthcare, as well as the governments and the public sector, have been quick to adopt IoT/M2M technologies. Today, it is common knowledge that use of satellite technologies provides better communication and data transmission, along with cost reductions.

hiSky’s solutions connect to any IoT / M2M application, including sensor software, e-log systems and more. While the end user enjoys a simple, seamless connection, operators uses hiSky’s solution to monitor and control all terminals, as well as generate impact analysis reports of ongoing operations and planned maintenance.

Monitoring IoT Anywhere Anytime


Fleet Management

Monitoring the location of vehicle fleets, hours of service, fuel consumption and engine telemetry data, hiSky provide long distance drivers with the security of knowing they have a reliable communication channel with both dispatchers and their destination.


Providing remote monitoring solutions, 24/7, for assets in rural areas with unserved/underserved communication infrastructures.


Meeting the need for connectivity, hiSky offers the energy and fossil oil & gas industries dynamic and static terminals, enabling better monitoring and control of remote energy assets and infrastructure


Providing a solution to the growing demand for connectivity in farms in the most remote locations, hiSky’s Smartellite™ terminals enable constant and continuous connection and communication with their assets and field monitoring systems.


hiSky’s advanced solutions provide communication coverage solutions to unserved and underserved areas throughout the world, enabling remote banking services to population in rural areas…

hiSky System Architecture

hiSky - Diagram for web2
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