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The ultimate solution for IoT / M2M requirements on the move. The Smartellite™ Dynamic and our dedicated free app turn your iOS or Android smartphone into a satphone at the press of a button. This provides you with constant voice & data connectivity as well as data transfer capabilities while on the move.

The Smartellite™ Dynamic includes a built-in, electronically-steered phased array antenna, which locates the satellite automatically in a matter of milliseconds. It also has a built-in modem, designed for low-to-medium data rates and fast acquisition of satellite signals; enabling seamless transition between satellites in the GEO and LEO constellation, for constant connectivity.

Terminal bandKu band *Ka band
Data Rates GEOUpto 400Kbps4Kbps-30Kbps
Data Rates LEOUpto 30Mbps4Kbps-10Mbps
Transmit Antenna
Frequency Range
13.75~14.5GHz27.5GHz to 30Ghz
Receive Antenna
Frequency Range
10.7~12.2GHz17.7Ghz to 20.2Ghz

*Under development


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