LEO constellation is referred to Satellites travelling in space between 500 to 2000KM above orbit.

hiSky’s technology and the Smartellite Family of products allows you to transmit and receive voice and data from both GEO satellite and LEO satellite on Ka band.

LEO constellation will need to be supported by electronically steered antennas for serving fixed sites, maritime, ground vehicles for both enterprise and commercial.

hiSky’s Smartellite family has a wide variety of terminals developed for customers to access the LEO Constellation at the right performance and price targets, all based on electronically steered antennas (ESA).

Our Smartellite terminals are designed to meet the doppler effect of the LEO satellite and easily track them. The technology allows to preform quick handover between GEO and LEO satellites and visa-versa without losing connectivity. Connecting with LEO satellite, hiSky’s will provide higher data-rate connectivity while using the Smartellite small terminals which are reliable and affordable.