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Expert team. Creative thinkers. Innovative technology.
This multidisciplinary professionals teamed up to address the need to remain connected in remote areas.

  • nitzan raz
  • Moti Litochevski
    VP R&D
  • Haim Nissim
  • Tamir Pardo
  • Erez Antebi
  • Yair Ramati
  • Udi Levi
  • Gil Hod
  • Shahar Kravitz
System Engineer specialist with vast experience in complexed programs.
Served in The Israeli Air Force as a test jet fighter WSO and led test flights.
Program Director in IAI and Department Director in The Israeli Ministry of
Defense. Holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, from the Tel Aviv University.
Moti began his professional career as a hardware engineer in the IDF, where he was quickly promoted to the position of senior HW architecture engineer. Following roles as PHY System engineer at Infineon, Algorithms & System Eng. Manager and, later, VP R&D of Commtact. He joined hiSky from being CTO at Commtact. Moti holds a B.Sc in Electrical Engineering, The Technicon – Technology Institution of Israel.
Having started his career as a business and financial consultant at Deloitte & Touche Management Consulting (Israel), Haim went on to become CFO of Aeronautics. Following a period in the US, he returned to Aeronautics and served as VP Corporate Development, where he was responsible for a number of M&A; establishing relationships with investment banks and other potential investors; and conducting business with key B2G customers. Haim holds a B.A in Economics and MBA both from Tel Aviv university.
Having served in the IDF elite forces, in 1980 Tamir joined the Mossad, taking part in many classified operations for which he was awarded the Israeli Security Prize. He served as a senior advisor for operations to the Israeli General Staff. In 2011, Tamir became the 11th Chief Director of the Mossad, a role he held for five years.
Erez Antebi has been an executive in the field of Satellite Communications for over 25 years was in Gilat Satellite Networks (NASDAQ: GILT), where he served as CEO and prior to that GNS division CEO, COO, VP Sales and multiple other roles. Prior to Gilat, Mr. Antebi worked for Tadiran and Rafael. Currently, Mr. Antebi is the CEO of Allot Communications (NASDAQ:Allt) and serves on Board of few companies. Mr. Antebi holds a B.Sc (Summa cum laude) and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Technion in Haifa Israel.
Mr. Yair Ramati has completed in December 2015, four years as Director of Israeli MoD, the Governed agency that in charge of the development, production, and delivery of missile defense systems to the State of Israel. Prior to this position, Yair served six years as a Marketing Corporate Vice President at Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). Yair holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Science and a Master’s Degree in Science and Aeronautical Engineering from The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.
Udi served in various positions in the IDF, including as intelligence officer. In 1991, he was appointed special advisor on Arab affairs. In 1996, he was appointed IDF representative to the Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the Prime Minister’s Office. In 2003, he was appointed special advisor on economic warfare to the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. Udi holds an M.A. in International Affairs from the Hebrew University, and PhD in Middle Eastern Studies from Bar Ilan University.
Gil has worked as a general manager of up to 400 employees in both global and public companies in the financial and real business sectors. His areas of expertise include business development, innovation and strategy, risk management and creating increased growth. He sits on the boards of several companies, including the IEC pension fund and Polar Investments, and acted as Chairman of Harel Mutual funds.
Past CEO of Commtact Ltd. and Deputy CEO of Aeronautics Ltd., Shahar has over 19 years of management experience. During his role at Commtact, the company initiated the development of a terminal, with voice, data and video transmission on the move via satellite communication. Shahar was also responsible for Commtact’s teaming up with major global corporations on key programs. Commtact has been operating mainly in datalink tailored solutions and under his management, grew up from a start-up company to a major player in communication for defense applications, worldwide.
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The Smartellite Family is a unique line of products of satellite terminals that uses the most advanced technology, and smart engineering to connect you to satellites in the Geosphere and LEO Constellation.
It allows you to communicate with anyone in the world, regardless of where you are, easily and at affordable rates.
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Smartellite Static

Smartellite Dynamic

Smartellite +

Smartellite Dome

Smartellite Solar


We believe that if the technology to connect people in the most remote corners of the world already exists, then it should be available to everyone.

So, we’ve raised the stakes and made it not only quick, easy and reliable, but also affordable enough that you don’t have to think twice before making a call.


hiSky’s core technology lends it self to a range of IoT and M2M applications, and our mission is to become an international provider of solutions such as network connectivity, devices, device management and web reporting applications.

Our comprehensive solution is affordable, reliable, simple to use, and with an assessable interface to all kinds of sensors. It will enable customers working in a range of industries to track, monitor and control their assets.

Four reasons
why MSS
# 1
Mobile satellite for cents
# 2
Satellite calls on the move
# 3
The advanced satellite call solution
# 4
It’s as simple as using your mobile
Anyone with a mobile device can use hiSky's Smartellite, wherever they are, whenever they need to. The Smartellite will cost only a fraction of the price of other solutions, so people can finally feel free to talk as long as they like.

hiSky - it's not free, but it's affordable

freedom to

hiSky is an innovator in the field of voice and data (MSS) satellite communications, making a unique contribution to the satellite revolution by bringing prices ‘down to earth’, giving people all over the world the freedom to communicate via satellite – anytime, from anywhere.
hiSky uses the same innovative technology for Satellite Internet of Things (SIoT) shifting the SCADA and M2M to an affordable service to all at any time and from anywhere.